Projects - Website Design & Development

Here is a partial list of websites we have done.  Feel free to click on the homepage images to visit each site.

Children's Fund, an all volunteer non-profit organization operating in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, needed a new website but only had a limited budget to work with.

Gill & Piette was able to create a new website along with providing maintenance and hosting services that allowed the charity to save money but still have an updated online presence.  The new website provides Children's Fund with more ways for supporters to donate online.

ServeTrust is an organization run by an amazing woman named Leena Lavanya who serves the poorest of the poor in India.  It is managed by volunteers in the United States who wanted a new website finished before Leena was to visit the US and share her work with existing and potentially new supporters.

Gill & Piette designed and created a new website on a strict deadline that allowed the organization to promote Leena's latest visit to the United States and enhance the organization's ability to communicate and connect with new supporters.

Friends of Children's Charities wanted to help Children's Fund host and manage an annual 5K event to help raise awareness and support for the charitable causes of their respective charities as well as the causes supported by a third organization.  They needed to be able to add event updates regularly but the existing website was difficult to update.  Some parts of the site could not be changed at all.

Gill & Piette designed and created a new website that allowed the organization to easily promote the event and better communicate the latest information with event participants.